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08 Oct 19 Fabio Montini

Adoption as a key to the success of change projects

Learn strategies & tactics to overcome user resistance to technology change.

When we are faced to a business change with the aim to introduce new and preforming technologies, our risk is to obtain an opposite effect, in an almost proportional manner.

The user's resistance to technological changes, combined with other factors not connected to technology, are among the main causes of failure.

Technology, whatever it is, aims to improve productivity and efficiency. However, new implementations rarely reach their goals without user collaboration.

Organizations that struggle to plan strategies and tactics to support user adoption risk to have a significant negative impact on the ROI of the initiative.

In other cases, organizations typically focus user adoption efforts almost on training. Although training is fundamental, it is only one of the blocks of an adoption process.

Allinance supports all customers who want to evolve definitively towards the Adoption approach, an integrated and modular approach with variable geometry, able to satisfy the demands of all companies with no limits about their size or the scope of the changement project.

In this video, Allinance describes the basics of its own Adoption, and puts the emphasis on which are the key points of the entire initiative, with the aim of guarantee a real and tangible success.

For any information relating to the Adoption processes, simply contact us by phone or write directly to

Putting people at the center of a change process is the first milestone for a successful change!

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