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07 Nov 19 Federico Marini

Blockchain - Allinance participates at the Malta Blockchain Summit

Having intercepted the requests of our customers with whom we work side by side, we have created the new Blockchain division.

This division is the confirmation of our continuous search for excellence in the creation of products and services that look to the future and that generate a relationship of trust with our stakeholders.

And to reinforce the link with the main international experts in the sector, we will be in Malta to actively participate in the Malta Blockchain Summit an event of global importance and which brings together many experts ready to discuss the topic.

But what Blockchain really is?

Technically speaking, activating a Blockchain process means securing a piece of data through a distributed and decentralized register. In short, it means creating Unique Digital Assets!

The Blockchain is a large database for managing encrypted transactions on a decentralized peer-to-peer network that gives its name to a new technological platform, which allows you to redefine and reset the way we create, obtain and exchange value.

The blockchain is not an application, it is not a system, it is not a technology. The blockchain is a new paradigm for the management of information that allows to guarantee the real immutability of the data because it is able to guarantee and certify the complete history of all the data and all the operations connected to each transaction.

Where can I use the blockchain? What is in it for me?

Finance and the Economy are certainly among the sectors in which the blockchain has a greater weight. In fact the blockchain breaks down different barriers, allowing savings, speed and reliability of transactions.

Agrifood where it finds another excellent "ally". Some of the application features of the blockchain in Agrifood are traceability, transparency, of those who want to "tell the story" of their food, using the blockchain to ensure reliability.

Industry 4.0 Even in manufacturing, the Blockchain can be a valid ally. In fact, it is possible to exploit the decentralized logic of the blockchain to produce technologies that can better support production, logistics and supply chain.

IoT Even in the Internet of Things the blockchain finds a great utility: thanks to its ease of data exchange, in fact, the blockchain technology can be used to facilitate communication between connected IoT objects, in addition to making data exchange safer and faster .

HealthCare Managing the medical data of patients through a shared system, allows doctors to share information about patients in a safe and fast way, and therefore it helps healt facilities to improve the service done to patients.

Retail The blockchain is an interesting model to use in stores and in Retail: with the blockchain in fact the current payment methods in the store can also be extended to digital currencies, thus allowing customers payments much faster, as well as cheaper.

Smart Energy (Smart Grid) The blockchain opens new perspectives to the world of energy, one of the most stimulating and important is that of P2P Energy, or the introduction of Peer to Peer exchanges in the energy market, that is the end consumers who have chosen to produce energy for internal use and which can be defined as Prosumers (producers-consumers).

These are some examples of the application fields of the Blockchain, but the potential certainly does not end here ...

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Our Advisor team is made up of professionals who have a worldwide reputation on the blockchain theme.

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