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16 Jul 19 Fabio Montini

OneWork365, the solution that enhances our time.


It’s becoming increasingly common to hear about Poor Management, that is the low value-added management of activities and tasks that are not important, that can become urgent and that are certainly not strategic.

Gallup estimates that every year in the world there are losses between 960 and 1200 billion dollars due to the dynamics of Poor Management.

Faced with business and experiential models that are increasingly horizontal and circular, we are looking for solutions that can support these new ways of working.

B. Solis, in his book Life Scale, highlights how even our brain functions at a speed that sometimes we can’t even focus, in an increasingly interconnected mode.

We often use obsolete or inadequate tools to support these strong professional and social changes, with the risk of wasting time, losing focus on the real goals, and increase the sense of frustration and lack of trust in managers and the company.

This is why Allinance has created a suite of apps and solutions with the aim of breaking down the dynamics of Poor Management and enhancing everything that is really important in business management.

OneWork365 is the first app of the OnteTeam365 suite, premiered during the Microsoft Project Community Forum which was successfully held in Milan at Microsoft House on June 27.

OneWork365 allows you to effectively and intuitively:

  • Define multilevel milestones
  • Collaborating on the definition of project plans
  • Flexible management of activities and continuous monitoring
  • Organise resource workloads more coherently
  • Monitor projects and programmes in real time
  • simple notification of various updates

And all of this is in complex or highly structured realities, as well as anywhere where two or three people work on common tasks and goals.

Time is the most important resource we have, and OneWork365 helps you manage it at your best!

Click here for more information about OneWork365.

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