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05 Sep 19 Fabio Montini


In a strong global competition scenario, the process of innovation and new product development is a crucial element to ensure over time the success of a company. The products have shorter life cycles and companies are increasingly solicited by technological development, and the need to continuously improve cost and performance of their solutions.

Since its foundation, Allinance has invested in the creation of an internal Research and Development unit, grew year after year and made up of experienced and passionate people who have always worked side by side with customers. All this allows us to investigate, research, analyze and build new solutions, both technological and behavioral or process.

But we do even more.! During 2019 we decided to take an even more ambitious path. Being a partner of a group of companies that has the objective to launch to the market in the next few years a new and revolutionary Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems based on the patented E-llum technology, developed by E-Wenco srl.

What is the link between Allinance, a leader in CRM, PPM and DWP solutions to a project with a high scientific content even before being a technological one?

As underlined by the two co-founders Andrea Toponi and Matteo Marino, Allinance was asked to operate both in project governance, through Co-Design and Project Management activities, and in the development of ad hoc software solutions that can enable a system smart management and an analysis of the input and output data stream. The company has developed a strong experience in these areas, and for this reason the participation in the project is a logical consequence.

The corporate DNA, is then everything else: The aim of participating in a revolutionary technological process, and also involving the European Union Project, is a drive for new challenges, in a logic of continuous improvement. An investment that offers value for support customer companies with the same needs or ambitions .

For more information about E-Filter project:

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