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12 Dec 19 Federico Marini

New Working Nucleos & Business Innovation

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Business Innovation

We are all aware that the speed of Business Innovation is significantly changing the way of work. Today, the classic working dynamics , cannot be effectively proposed.

The New Working Nucleos

Even Gartner in his latest research, defines this new way of working as a paradigm that goes beyond after Smart Working. Gartner outlines the fact that people and individuals spontaneously aggregate themselfe in a new entity called New Working Nucleos, which are nothing more than temporary organizations whose aggregate purpose is not necessarily comparable to a real or complex project, but is probably linked to daily activities or short-term intensity.

In one hand, people have understood these dynamics in a natural way, and therefore they have organized themselves independently. On the other hand, the solutions that support the activities of these new Nucleos have different characteristics, in particular:

  • Business productivity solutions - for example Microsoft Teams
  • Personal Solutions - For example Task management
  • External solutions - for example WhatsApp

The companies needs to improve their ability to be adaptive in a complex situation on various fronts, with the aim of guarantee an effective and efficient management of these solutions and their components.

A new approach

To meet the challenges that Business Innovation and individuals are launching, organizations must definitely consider a different approach, for guarantee to everyone the possibility of using efficient and effective tools and solutions, in the total respect of security, privacy, processes and company policies.

In Allinance we asked ourselves what was the enabling factor that could change the rules of the game and we found the answer thanks to the continuous collaboration with our customers..

Microsoft Power Platform e OneWork365

We have decided to have a look at Microsoft, in particular the Microsoft Power Platform, which allows us to create low code / zero code integrated solutions.

All this to support and enhance the so-called Digital Dexeterty.

And that's why we offer a Webinar (Sign Up) dedicated to our solutions for the management of Business Innovation through OneWork365, a new idea of Work Management.

Are you ready?

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