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23 Apr 20 Allinance

#RESTART - Our technological approach

#RESTART – How to act in a Post Covid-19 scenario

We are still in a phase of almost total Lockdown, but the decrees that will confirm the methods for restarting work and production activities are soon to be finalized.

Smart Working activities will continue to exist, and in some cases will be further enhanced (see Allinance solutions)

While the progressive reactivation of the production cycle cannot be separated from an analysis of the organization of work, we must also aim to contain risk through the remodeling of spaces/workstations, schedules, and process planning.

Ensuring adequate levels of health and safety protections for all workers goes through three key aspects:

It must be maintained in the work environment according to the specifications and standards which may vary from one another. For example: ‘Ateco’ reference codes.

This mainly involves all the actions useful for eliminating the risks of contagion and is fundamental for the post-emergency phase.

Create new organizational models, for everyone, that can allow a return to work in stages, and safeguarding business continuity and priorities.

It is precisely starting from the planning aspects that Allinance proposes a series of technological solutions that support companies during this first delicate phase of returning to normal.

Our goal is to ensure that, together with the health of each employee and with concrete support for business development, compliance with new behavioral rules can be guaranteed.

In particular, our technological approach allows to:

  • Organize workstations
  • Book and manage requests for workstations
  • Plan attendance
  • Monitor existing situations
  • Notify messages or alerts

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