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16 Oct 19 Fabio Montini

The new Microsoft Project Online - The preview on October 29th

At the base of the strong changes in the social and professional sphere, historically we find a real change of mentality. And as confirmed by Andrea Toponi, Co Founder of Allinance, it is precisely this change of mentality that in recent years has represented the driving force within the company and business dynamics, which has allowed the progressive consolidation of Project and Portfolio Management solutions.

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Until a few years ago, the PPM was seen as a real management system for projects, with no added value, mainly used to design the processes of project management.

The result was often a chase towards software implementation solutions of various kinds, but which did not have a real constructive impact on users, who were often identified exclusively as users.

The epochal transition, the change of mentality that we have seen in recent years in companies, is the greater attention that is given to people and to the use they make of technology, trying in the first place to identify what the individual is actually doing. inside a PPM process. This makes it possible to establish a new balance between instruments, technology and people, contributing to the real and measurable efficiency of the solutions adopted.

And it is precisely in this logic that Microsoft's intervention of modernization is part of the launch of the new Project Online.

A technological solution that fully respects what was expressed before, setting the definitive basis for a HumanoCentric evolution

The new Microsoft Project Online, is called Modern Project precisely because it is to streamline the areas governed by extreme complexity, offering a valid and interesting alternative for the less experienced Project managers, ideal for the management and coordination of activities and work teams, all in a new and current interface.

The official launch of the new Microsoft Project Online is scheduled for the end of October, and this is one more reason to follow the Webinar che Allinance proposes October 29th at 2:00 pm during which the key points of the new will be presented. offer, especially in its support for organizational dynamics, and to the contribution to the increase of the company business.

Let yourself be guided by Allinance to discover the new potential, and to register for the Webinar just click on this link: Partecipa al Webinar

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