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Cerbios Pharma SA

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Cerbios Pharma History

Cerbios-Pharma SA is a private company based in Barbengo-Lugano, Switzerland, specialized in the development and production of both chemical and biological APIs for its partners.

The company has its own pipeline of products that are distribuited all over the world and acts as a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) providing development and production services to its partners helping them to achieve their main business objectives.

The skills offered by Cerbios as CDMO concern High Potency Active Ingredients (HPAPIs), monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), recombinant proteins, pharmaceutical probiotics and Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)

Microsoft Project On Line

In order to provide fundamental support to the entire process, Cerbios has developed its own Project Management procedures and has equipped itself with a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tool in order to ensure compliance with deadlines and budgets and to allow Cerbios partners to always be informed about the progress of the various activities, and therefore of the projects.

With the growth of its business and its PPM system, the need for Cerbios is to integrate all the company tools in order to offer a better user experience, especially during data entry.

After an analysis of the possible solutions, the result was a confirmation that the use of Microsoft Project Online, as a PPM tool, would have made easier the complete integration of the company software also because it is fully compatible with Office365 and already linked to an integration platform developed by Allinance.

The choice was therefore to implement Microsoft Project Online in a first phase and in a second phase to integrate it with Office365 and the other company tools.

The Allinance for Cerbios solution

Allinance worked closely with the Cerbios Project Management Office, and during the analysis phase, identified. the needs and key information on the tool in use to be imported on the new platform

The Allinance project team successfully completed the migration of historical information from the tool previously used and completed the configuration and implementation of Microsoft Project OnLine.

The solution adopted allowed to cover the project management needs of the Project Managers and those of monitoring the Project Management Office in a single centralized platform, bringing value to the company through technological innovation and enabling the second phase of integration.

Project Evolution: Cost Module & Office 365

Cerbios having as its objective to produce value through innovation stands as a company highly sensitive to the issues of digitalization of processes and solutions.

Following the implementation of the Microsoft PPM tool, Cerbios wants to enrich its solution, and for this reason asked Allinance to proceed with the configuration and installation of a module for the management of Budgeting and Cost Management processes (Allinance Cost Module) by interfacing everything with the ERP and CRM, with the ultimate goal of aggregate automatically all information at the corporate level, thanks to the characteristic of the Allinance Integration Hub.

Furthermore, thanks to the benefits of the Microsoft solution, Cerbios is considering the possibility of undertaking an Adoption process of the Microsoft Office 365 platform, in order to obtain all the benefits of this new mode of interaction through and extended communication way of work.

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