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Industria Macchine Automatiche S.p.A.

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IMA's History

Founded in 1961, IMA is a world leader in the design and production of automatic machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, food, personal care, tea and coffee.

Located in the heart of Packaging Valley, the cluster of advanced mechanics and industrial automation in Emilia-Romagna, IMA Group bases its leadership on research and innovation.

In constant dialogue with institutions and private entities, the Group aims to establish strategic partnerships to guarantee ever higher standards and superior quality in relation to its products.

The Group's mission is to use its resources to invest in new technologies and improve the quality of life on the planet, reduce food waste, guarantee increasingly effective access to drugs and greater respect for the environment.

The TEA Planning Board Project

Since the 1970s the Machines Resource Planning and Assembly area, dedicated to the processing and final packaging of infusion-based products, used an analogic board with the aim of planning and control the different resources of any department.

A functional but limited solution especially for the impossibility of have data updated in real time ready to be shared with the management and operational lines.

The Allinace for IMA solution

An important step was the moment when Allinance proposed the adoption of a new digital technological platform, in order to obtain a better modus operandi inside the team of assemblers and installers, guaranteeing greater operating efficiency and facilitating the human factor in the entire production flow.

The analysis conducted in a continuous feedback mode with the technical team of the TEA division and with the IT Digital Solution Department made it possible to identify the real needs and opportunities for the next implementation.steps.

The Project Team has completed the creation of a digital board based on Microsoft Project Server Technology, has allowed the transformation and improvement of everyday operations within the production lines.

The evolution of IMA's projects - Life Department

IMA, launching the IMA Digital project, started a strong activity linked to the digitalization of internal processes, due the acquisition of some companies and with the aim of a continuous evolution.

The different projects under development aim to consolidate IMA's position as a market leader and once again prove to be a pioneer in the approach to the new Indutry 4.0 production strategies.

For this reason the Life division was chosen as a pilot project, to proceed with the implementation of the PPM processes.

The average elapsed time of a project in this area , from order to delivery of the product, is about one year.

In this period, there is a mismatch between the work team face of the level of detail of the information useful for completing the order.

The Allinance for IMA solution

In order to cover this needs, Allinance created a A PPM Experience project, based on Microsoft Project On Line Technology with the aim of have a unique and central point for sharing information and ensuring dissemination, availability and access to all data at any time.

After analysis, audits and interviews with the Team Leader of the Life division, the project team is working to define the next stepss of the implementation strategy.


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