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How can a company continuously improve?

We wake up every morning with this question on our mind. And, on a daily basis, we work and study to get a fresh and contemporary answer. The market is constantly changing: we are convinced that the ability to adapt is essential so that People can “inspire” Technology.

Allinance supports organizations of all sizes and in all sectors with Project & Portfolio Management, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Workplace Transformation and Digital Solutions.

We guide our customers in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, France and Holland with an approach based on consulting, technology and adoption; we design solutions starting from the user experience, with the aim of accelerating the business of organisations. We are a group of people with different backgrounds: curious, hungry, and collaborative.

In the evening, when we go home, we ask ourselves: how can a company improve again tomorrow?

Mappa chi siamo

Our mission


Soluzioni digitali basate sull'esperienza delle persone
Allinance è a due passi dall’Arco della Pace di Milano.

Our vision

To contribute to the EFFICIENCY of companies through the HAPPINESS of People.


Inspiration comes from “People” who want simple, accessible, open solutions designed to meet their needs. We want to draw on this “Inspiration” to design and propose methodologies and tools that are truly useful and effective.

Inspiration that the people at Allinance share daily with one another, in a process of valuing differences – both personal and professional – and that represents the spark for continuous growth.


Creativity requires a particular sensitivity to the various contexts that, combined with the ability to analyse and synthesize, makes it possible to define and structure innovative solutions and identify new markets.

Allinance seeks out and enhances creativity in each individual by providing a beautiful and stimulating working environment and an inclusive approach that gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves at their best.


Empathy is the ability to place oneself in the situation of another person, to understand him/her better and to be able to really listen to him/her fully. It is this characteristic that allows us to relate with our customers in a special way, providing trust and simplicity.

It is empathy that allows us to face each day with a smile: the most difficult challenges become an opportunity to challenge ourselves, in a professional environment that feels like "home" without worrying about overstepping the mark.

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